Our service warranty provides your peace of mind. If you encounter a problem with a product that we repaired, please contact our technical support department and we diagnose the problem. Our telephone customer support enables COWARE to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively. Our telephone support always remains completely free of charge. The telephone support and repair service are available from Monday to Friday according to the local working hours. Telephone support and service are not available at weekends and public holidays. You can call COWARE telephone technical support at the Hungarian local telephone call prices. If a unit becomes defective, COWARE may send a service technician to the customer’s site after the completion of troubleshooting on the telephone, if it is necessary to further identify the cause of the malfunction. The warranty repair period depends on the product and its malfunction. In certain cases, longer repair periods may apply if there is no spare part available to complete the repair of the product. 

COWARE usually provides a 6-month operational warranty period for products repaired or renewed by COWARE. 

Reasons for loss of warranty:

  • We are not notified about the error before the expiry of the warranty period. 
  • The product has visible signs of burn, break, leak, physical damage or crack, or the unique identifier (warranty card, manufacturing number), unauthorized disassembly or modification or alteration of the product or one of its units. 
  • It has been used for other than the intended purpose: Alteration of the manufacturing settings of the product or unit, mechanical or electric overload of the product exceeding the limits and parameters given in the product description; use different from the intended purpose. 
  • Especially but not limited to: power interruptions, extreme voltage or temperature fluctuations, excessive contamination, liquids leaking into the areas of equipment that must not get into contact with liquids, contact of the equipment with excessive wetness. 
  • Damages due to natural disasters such as lightning, overcurrent
  • Alteration of the product.
  • Regardless of the nature of the product, any external interventions to the products, such as opening the case, carried out by others than people connected to COWARE especially but not limited to service or other representatives, interventions carried out by a third party.
  • Inappropriate software update.
  • Removing, re-writing, damaging, modifying or covering the serial number or warranty card which serves the identification of the product results in the loss of warranty.

Naturally, if the problem of the product is a warranty problem, we cover the transportation expenses of the product.

COWARE does not assume any responsibility in case of any data losses or changes in user setting, even if they occur due to repairs that were performed by us. Furthermore, COWARE does not assume any responsibility for consequential damages, profit lost, or losses resulting from the fact that the equipment could not be used. COWARE does not assume any responsibility for losses or damages that were caused by others (Force majeure). We assume no responsibility for data, software, and settings stored on data storage devices or other products. It is the responsibility of our Customers to secure and backup the aforementioned data, software and settings.

The delivery note of products which have a serial number is also a warranty card. In every circumstance, the delivery note contains the serial number of the product. The start of the warranty period is the date when the product is received by the Customer. In case of warranty problems, you do not need to show the copy of the invoice or delivery note, it is sufficient to refer to the serial number of the product. In our system, we are able to identify all the data associated with the product and the validity of the warranty period. In case the product malfunctions, please contact us through the Contact menu or at warranty@coware.hu and we will inform you about what to do.