Environmental protection

The protection of our environment is a high priority for our company. We are committed to protect the environment and reduce any pollutant emission.

We set new environmental goals year by year; this is why we have created our unique,
environmentally friendly policy.

Our company handles all environmental tasks associated with our operations with outstanding responsibility. We put special emphasis on prevention and continuous reduction of any harmful effect on the environment. We expect all our employees to keep and enforce all environmental regulations in their work that they get to know on regular trainings.

By selecting our detergents, lubricants and other chemicals we use, the most important factor is how these chemicals impact our health and environment, and we aim to minimize all harmful effects.

By selecting our packaging materials, protecting the environment is also our greatest aim:

We use re-usable wooden containers instead of plastic or cardboard ones. We deliver the ordered goods placed in environmentally-friendly loose fill chips in re-usable wooden boxes. The returned items are also packed in such containers. The loose fill chips we use are made of environmentally- friendly corn starch, which can also be used multiple times. We collect and handle waste selectively which was generated during the repair. Hazardous waste can be collected by companies which have the appropriate permit and certificate.

Based on our results, it can be stated that we are capable of reducing the amount of waste and processing aids which burden our environment.

We show our commitment to protecting the environment by providing a 5% discount from our all-time net prices to our partners who have the ISO 14001 (MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005) certificate.