Payment conditions

We issue a paper invoice payable within 15 days after having repaired a product.


Returning customer?

Payment methods:

The basic payment method. We send an invoice together with the repaired exchange product. The invoice is payable within 15 work days.


New customer?

Payment up front:

On special request we send a proforma invoice and send the product by mail after we have received the funds on our bank account.


Contractual partner?

Monthly settling of invoices:

We send our contractual partners an invoice entailing all the repaired items at the end of each month. Contact us on if you agree to such payment terms.

We send an invoice without VAT to partners with a valid EU VAT number.Our clients outside of EU get invoices with VAT included, while the repair cost may be subject to custom duties.

Our Bank details:

MBH Bank NYrt.






HU08 6510 0266 1136 0432 0000 0000