Frequently Asked Questions


What service do you provide?

We only provide an exchange service – exchange repair.

Where do I find the part number of the defective product?

There is an identification number and a serial number on every unit. This is usually a white label on
the top or the bottom of the product. Upon request, our colleagues can help you identify the

I cannot find the product based on the part number in the SHOP section.

Please contact us at and our colleagues will help you find a possible solution.

Why is it worth selecting the repair of the product instead of purchasing a new item?

Exchange repair costs only a fraction of the price of a new product. The products we repair and
renew undergo complex inspection and dynamic testing.

Where do I find the error code?

Almost every product has an error code display (usually a red number). Please contact us and our
colleagues will help you with the identification. 

How can I purchase the products on your website?

It is not possible to purchase the products, COWARE is not a web store. The photographs of the
products are only for information purposes. We only provide an exchange repair service.

When do I need to return the defective product?

Defective products are to be returned within 5 working days. Upon request, we will arrange the
return delivery.

How should the products be packaged before being returned?

Please place the defective product in the reusable box that we sent the part in and fill it with void fill
chips around the part.

Can I place an order at weekends?

Certainly, but we will confirm it with the date of the following Monday.

I cannot wait for delivery on the next day.

Please contact us at and we will inform you about the possible solutions.

When will the ordered unit be delivered?

Upon request, we can send you a tracking number and you can check the exact time of the delivery.

Is your service available all year round?

Yes, except for a two-week summer shutdown.

Why is it so cheap?

Because our colleagues have a vast experience in repairing industrial electronics. We do not repair
the products of every manufacturer, but we do have a sound knowledge about the products we

Why is it so expensive?

Because of the skills and vast experience of our colleagues