Good quality at a reasonable price in a timely manner

What is Exchange service? And how does it work?

To put it simply: it is exchange repair.

We provide exchange repair at a fixed price only which is simple, fast and cost effective. In an ideal case, the defective machine can be put into production even on the next day.

In traditional repair service, the first step is to identify the defective control units of the machine, and then they are disassembled. The next step is to find the right service partner and transport the defective units to them, followed by requesting quotation, ordering repair, performing repair, transporting the item back to the Customer, assembly of the repaired part.

Az Exchange service simplifies this process to 3 steps:

  1. Identification of the defective unit
  2. Ordering exchange repair
  3. Installing the functioning unit one day* after ordering the exchange service

Afterwards, our Customers have 5 working days to transport the old, defective unit to us with the short description of the error of the unit.

Who do we recommend it for?

We recommend our exchange service for everyone ranging from small businesses with only one machine to large multinational companies. It is not necessary to invest in and handle stock, and search for a service company.

How does it work exactly?

You need to order the exchange repair of the unit with the appropriate part number among the available part numbers listed on our website.

What do we need?

We only need the correct part number (ID number) for delivering the renewed exchange part, which will be transported to you by our contracted partner after checking our stock and confirming the delivery. In addition, we also need the defective unit and the precise description of the error. See form.pdf Customers have 5 working days to transport the old, defective unit to us. The product must be free from signs of incorrect repair, and must contain all units and parts that are necessary for its correct operation. (Including cover units).Form(.pdf)

Our repair service is an exchange repair in all cases, and we charge a fixed price for it. Since there is no cost of inspection, there is no need to request a quotation; this is why the repair process is greatly simplified and fast. Time and money can be saved due to our exceptionally fast process.

Exchange repair is remarkably effective because our colleagues are expert at repair of industrial electronics. We provide for our Customers technical support and advice free of charge.

What happens when the unit I am looking for is not available on your website? Please contact us at and our colleagues will contact you shortly with possible solutions.

Error reporting

Short description of the problem:
Error codes displayed (on control unit and power unit)
Type of error: temporary, permanent, etc.
Or by filling in the form below and returning it with the defective product: Exchange_form_EN