All Interface cards are fully refurbished and tested. If necessary, our qualified colleagues will install the interface card and inspect its environment, providing recommendations to prevent future failures. We offer a comprehensive 1-year warranty on all interface cards refurbished by us! If you need assistance, use our free CNC Technical Hotline service for advice on installing the interface card. Our technicians are at your disposal and will guide you through the process of replacing the interface card step by step. Remember: Replacement repair is the fastest service option, which can get your malfunctioning CNC machine operational again within 24 hours.

Fanuc Interface Cards: With replacement repair, your malfunctioning CNC machine can be operational by the next day! Series A16B-1211, A03B-0819, A20B-2002, A20B-8002. Always perform interface card replacements in a de-energized environment! Our replacement repair program guarantees a time- and cost-effective solution. It is mandatory to return the faulty interface card to us! Prefer traditional repair? We offer repair and refurbishment of your own units with a turnaround time of 3-5 days. Our colleagues’ 20 years of experience ensures the long-term, flawless operation of repaired interface cards. We repair at the component level and apply extensive testing processes to guarantee the long-term stability and error-free operation of CNC machines.